Mountains Blankestry™
Mountains Blankestry™
Trek Light Gear

Mountains Blankestry™

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What's a Blankestry? It's a functional piece of handwoven blanket art that can be hung as a tapestry or used in a variety of ways. Handwoven with 100% post-consumer recycled materials. One tree planted for every item purchased.

-Note: This is not a full-size blanket.

Our Blankestries are designed for the wall - but, like most Trek Light Gear products, the adventure is up to you. We've already heard from customers who have used their Blankestry to decorate their campsite, to add an accent to a table, dresser, or chair, and even to add a blast of style to their pet's favorite lie-down spot. Of course, you can still use a Blankestry to get cozy like any other blanket - but it is small! Think of it as a lap blanket, a shoulder wrap, or a shawl.

-Dimensions: 36" l x 36" w

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