The Cycle Roller
Lavender Thorne

The Cycle Roller

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THE CYCLE the perfect roller for all your period and hormonal needs! The oil in this bottle aids in hormone balance, cramping, headaches, irregular periods, mood swings, PMS, heavy flow, fatigue, and much much more!

Apply to the abdomen, inside of ankles, and behind ears when symptoms occur.

Jasmine: Uplifting for mood, Aids in depression, Stimulates sexual desire

Lavender: Relaxes the mind, Reliefs headaches

Fennel: Reduce bloating, Know for significantly reducing commonly known period symptoms

Blue yarrow: Helps relax muscles which provides relief of abdominal pain and cramping, Optimizes metabolic function & Relieves stress

Marjoram: Helps cognitive functioning, increases blood flow, Aids in removing toxins
Aids in frequent urination which aids in reducing fat, lower blood pressure, cleaning kidneys, Reduces hormonal issues, Relief from PMS pain, headaches & irrationality

Clary sage: Supports healthy attitude during PMS, and support for menopausal women emotionally due to it's balancing nature. Balancing to woman hormones - especially helpful for estrogen levels. May increase libido in women. It can be very quieting to the mind and help gain clarity

ALL INGREDIENTS: Golden Jojoba, Jasmine Oil, Lavender Oil, Fennel, Blue Yarrow, Marjoram, Clary Sage (All Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils)

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