'Zicatela' Surf Suit: Carribean
'Zicatela' Surf Suit: Carribean
'Zicatela' Surf Suit: Carribean
'Zicatela' Surf Suit: Carribean
'Zicatela' Surf Suit: Carribean
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'Zicatela' Surf Suit: Carribean

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  • UPF+50 Sun Protection
  • Chlorine Resistant
  • Front zip with strong aluminium stopper
  • Flattering panel design
  • Leg banding so they sit nicely across your butt
  • Removable Padding
  • Feminine Cut
  • Double fabric for durability 
  • Seamless design so it fits like a glove
  • Wear as a body suit with your favourite denim shorts 
  • Strong Ubud sustainable wood labels - 'rust free' from the salt water

Surf rating:

Suitable for Big Waves 5ft+

Front zip body suit


Recycled Italian Vita Xtra Life

Inspired by the epic surf town of Zicatela - Mexico, home of the heavy famous Mexican Pipe, Puerto Escondido. The sun here is harsh, but the water is warm. You don’t want wear something too restrictive, but an ‘in-between’ where your arms are free for paddling hard for those big sets, but enough coverage to last longer in the water from the harsh sun. With this in mind, our Zicatela ticks all the boxes, and not only fits like a glove with our seamless design, it’s guarantee that this suit will stay on during the heaviest wipeouts.



Surfer wearing a M

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